About Us

Tandem is the leading consulting firm in Decision Management in Latin America. We specialize in providing advice on complex decisions and help big companies make more and better decisions efficiently.

Our challenge is to help people to maximize the resources they have, as well as the opportunities they detect. We provide advice on complex decisions as well as organizational consulting to improve effectiveness. Of course, we also train executives and teams who want to improve their skills.

Why Decision Management?

For over 15 years we have researched, designed and implemented methodologies to improve decision-making processes at individual, group and organizational level.

We know that a company that make good decisions on important matters, achieves better results and a better working environment.

Some of the questions our customers usually ask themselves include: should decisions be more or less centralized in my company? How many people are desirable to participate in the decision making process? Are there any tools to increase the value of our decisions? Do we have the ideal decision-making culture so that all employees and leaders are encouraged to make timely decisions?

In Tandem we answer these questions and implement changes in individuals, teams and organizations so that they can decide better, streamline the answers, align teams and ensuring collaboration and commitment.

Strategic Partners

We partner with Decision Strategies Inc., which is a leading international consulting firm specialized in Decision Management. Together we bring methodologies, models and more innovative practices to the region to cooperate with the effectiveness of our clients.

  • Offices in Houston, Calgary, Atlanta and Nice.
  • Experience in multiple industries (Oil & Gas, Transportation, Technology, Health, Consumer products, etc.).
  • Technical resources with unique capacities based on experience and knowledge of the discipline.

Since 2001, Ingouville, Nelson & Asoc., has been training and counseling clients with different profiles in interpersonal skills, contributing to learning and organizational change on subjects related to human relationships.

Tandem and Ingouville, Nelson & Asoc. have allied to complement our services and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the challenges of modern management. We approach learning as an organizational phenomenon and not merely individually. We collaborate with our clients on articulating the reality of a course or intervention with the possibility of generating concrete changes that add value to the organization.

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals who share a common interest in contributing to people working in organizations to strengthen their capacities to achieve challenging goals consistent with their values.