The way we provide consultancy differs from the traditional ways. We have the know-how and extensive experience throughout the region

We work in Tandem with the client

When we start a project, we select, together with the client, a team of Tandem consultants and client members. The team is involved in all critical decisions and is in charge of carrying out the project. This approach helps improve the usual implementation rate, as compared to projects managed by traditional consulting firms. Our role is to facilitate the necessary processes to achieve the business goals; our client’s role is to make decisions.

We are practical, but comprehensive

Our goal is to help you. Tools are means to an end. Therefore, we select the conceptual framework, the techniques and the methodologies on a case-by-case basis, depending on what we find more convenient. These tools can range from sophisticated quantitative risk assessment tools, simulation, optimization or modeling, to the most diverse techniques of organizational behavior of people and teams.

We do not make the decision for you

Making decisions is a company’s task. Our role is to work with our clients to build objectivity, perspective and clarity. Together, we explore all possibilities and approaches through the use of the best methodologies to build confidence and background for the decision-making process. We guide you through the process together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who have the right skills and tools to deliver efficient solutions.

We build strong and trustworthy relationships

We believe that trust is a quality that can be built over time. We work every day to develop a strong relationship with our clients, sustainable over time and mutually beneficial. Information confidentiality is the basis of our relationship.

We acknowledge uncertainty, we do not hide it

A decision always carries with it a certain level of uncertainty. The use of statistical techniques allows us to easily identify the sources of uncertainty and be aware of the risks: minimizing or mitigating, designing contingency plans or simply taking those risks. Each person and each organization has a different risk tolerance and risk is also the possibility of increasing profits.

We build organizational capabilities

We transfer our knowledge to the organization. During the implementation process, client teams work together with Tandem consultants, sharing their decision-making experience and technical knowledge to the benefit of the organization. By the end of each project, the client company will have grown stronger, more aligned with its values and fully committed to execution.