We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Our staff combines solid academic backgrounds with vast professional experience in a wide range of areas and industries in Latin America.

Ernesto Weissmann
Director Ernesto Weissmann is Director at Tandem. He has led consulting projects on complex decision-making processes and development of organizational decision-making capabilities in numerous Latin American companies. In addition, Ernesto is associate professor of Strategy and Decision-Making related subjects in different universities in Argentina (UBA, UdeSA, UCEMA, UTDT) for both, graduate and undergraduate programs. He has lectured on Decision-Making related topics in many academic and private institutions. Ernesto has graduated in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and obtained his Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of San Andrés. He is co-author of the book “La Decisión - Su teoría y práctica” edited by Kapelusz and “Teoría de la Decisión”, edited by Pearson. He also wrote numerous specialized articles.
Gastón Francese
Director Gastón Francese is Director at Tandem and has led consulting projects on complex decision-making processes, as well as decision process redesign, in many Latin American companies. He is also associate professor of Decision Theory courses at several Argentinean universities, for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Gastón has lectured on related topics in different academic and private institutions. Gastón has graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in Business Administration and obtained his MBA from CEMA University. He is co-author of the book “La Decisión - Su teoría y práctica", edited by Norma Kapelusz and author of the novel “Muzzarella”, along with several articles on decision-making.
Federico Esseiva
Director Federico Esseiva is Director at Tandem and has led consulting projects and trained executives in numerous companies in Argentina. He is associate professor of the Decision Theory course at the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. Federico is co-author of the book “Teoría de la Decisión”, edited by Pearson and has lectured on various decision-making related seminars, both in academic and private institutions. Federico has led research projects and has been invited as speaker for many conferences on Decision Theory. He graduated in Businesses Administration from the University of Buenos Aires, Economic Sciences.
José M. Malbran
Senior Partner José Malbran is a partner and advisor at Tandem and contributes with his vast experience in business. In his 30 years as senior manager for Merrill Lynch, José has worked in different countries across Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has worked as an office manager all throught Latin America, as a District Director for Southern Latin America and then for all Latin America. José was later appointed Chairman of the International Private Client Group of Latin America and became member of the bank’s Executive Committee. He has served as Chairman of Merrill Lynch International Banks and has taken part in many investment banking deals, debt offerings and privatizations. José is currently a board member of several companies in the US and Latin America.
Luis Laporte
Director Luis Laporte is Consulting Director at Tandem and has led consulting projects on Change Managenent, Procceses and Strategy in consulting firms such as Accenture, Paradigma and Neoris. He has led change projects in different areas including Human Resources, Finances and other specific areas in the Finance Services industry. He has worked in numerous countries in Latin America and Europe. Luis earned his degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), with a Cum Laude mention. He also has a MBA from the HEC School of Management (Paris, France) and postgraduate studies in Human Resources from the UBA. He has taught Strategy, Change Management and other business topics in the HEC School of Management, UBA and the IEEC Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics.