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Break the bias: breaking gender biases to build more equitable organizations

March 8th is Women’s Day and this year, International Women’s Day has defined “Breaking the bias” as its theme. This slogan invites us to break with the biases that affect the way we think and act in a broad sense: in our communities, social groups, schools, universities and, of course, also in our work spaces. What are cognitive biases? How do they affect different genders in companies? Why it makes sense to work on them?

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Deciding as a team: when more ends up being less

One of the keys aspects in having an efficient business structure and resource allocation is, no doubt, to stop doing. But two questions immediately arise –what must we stop doing? And how can we set our priorities more effectively in order to achieve the desired results?

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From reaction to sustainable change, strategies to capitalize the lessons we learnt

Last year was all about reaction. Businesses had to change their pace to adapt to a new world  order. A year after the pandemic started, we are challenged to embrace and build on those  changes.

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