Covid-19 Special

During the past few months, our clients faced a situation so unusual that defied even the best contingency plans all throughout the world. By now, we have been able to identify the three different phases companies are going through in order to prepare themselves for the new normal. 

In Tandem, we are helping various organizations navigate each one of these phases through different remote solutions aimed at increasing revenue, reducing costs and developing new abilities within the organization and among people. 

These and other solutions are designed to be implemented remotely to ensure a tangible result and at the same time keep taking care of each other.

Phase 1 – Urgency
Reacting quickly to
keep up during the crisis

  • Crisis committee: create an agile and efficient workflow that enables key decision making on time for the business. 
  • Virtual ecosystem: design a management model that fosters remote collaboration with clear roles, adjusted routines and effective communication channels.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: manage operational risks through a structured approach in order to segment concepts under uncertainty and criticality, and define an immediate reaction approach.

Phase 2 – Recovery
Resumig the operation

  • Reinforced income sources: review commercial operational models in order to manage channels and implement more efficient sales tactics.
  • Rebuilding operations: redesign the operational processes under a zero-based mindset including the whole value chain in the analysis (internal and suppliers).
  • Developing key abilities: identify the new competencies needed to operate under the new model and train people in advance to increase value creation.

Phase 3 – Acceleration
Reinventing the business for
the new normality

  • Digitalization: transform value creation process and brand interaction with clients through an omni-channel and data driven digital experience.
  • Value proposition definition: decide which products to keep offering, which ones to leave out and which ones to begin offering to cover the new consumption habits, while ensuring a balanced portfolio.
  • Agile virtual organization: design a new management model incorporating remote work as a further aspect of an organization that decides, executes and achieves results in an agile way.

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