Lots of decisions are made every day in organizations. Although most of them are casual and of minor importance, others have significant impact on results. In such cases, the precision of the analysis cannot be questioned. Through our Decision Analysis practice, we work together with organizations along their processes for making critical decisions. We also collaborate with the development of the organizational capability that enbales to make more and better decisions.


Blocked or without enough consensus to make a high-impact decision? We provide support in complex decision-making scenarios by bringing together key stakeholders and using proven models and tools. Thus, we bring clarity to take action with the proper timing and with high levels of confidence.


One of the most common fears is the fear of uncertainty. Many plans get sidetracked from the original forecast because the models used for decision-making are based on assumptions in very uncertain contexts. 

We apply our own state-of-the-art method to identify, quantify and manage uncertainty while we find value for business upon making decisions.


Sometimes critical decisions are made based on gut feelings, while less important choices imply a lot of bureaucracy. By understanding the key decisions, their characteristics and the organizational needs, we design and deploy the methods and tools that provide clarity, confidence, efficiency and a common language when making decisions.


Achieving simplicity through a decision-making approach
March 4, 2020

Companies have become complex organisms, or are they actually (too) complicated? Simplicity can be achieved by redefining the way in which decisions are made.

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How do we make decisions?
May 21, 2017

Organizations value reason and predictability. In companies, quality control in production processes guarantees that, on average, products will come out better

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Success cases

Decision Architecture
July 6, 2016

Because of the complexity of the company´s operation , the solution had to take into account the guidelines and proceedings already established.  

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New refinery opportunity assessment
July 6, 2016

The new refinery would imply an improvement in terms of technology, capacity, safety and environmental care compared to the one they were operating at the time. However, they wanted to Read more

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