Every day in our organizations we make decisions that have a direct impact on business results. Today we are facing an opportunity without precedents: we have both a large amount of data and a wide variety of technologies that allow us to analyze information.

Tandem works together with its clients through Decision intelligence, a discipline that combines data and technology with the real business needs in order to optimize results.

We start by mapping the decisions that “make the difference” and then we select the appropriate data and the analytical tools required for each situation.


Does the data strategy allow you to boost business results? We work with our clients in the design of a data strategy which can impact business and generate real value for the organization. We start by understanding the strategic goals and then we design the data strategy that optimizes them.


We often observe that dashboards do not provide the information needed to make a decision, or that the time it takes to build dashboards delays the process. Through this service, we help our clients to ensure a deep understanding of their key indicators, and we generate smart dashboards to enhance management and decision-making. We combine analytical and technological approaches to improve business results.


Large volumes of data and the ability to process them enable us to better understand uncertainty and expand our predictive power. We build models to automate decisions based on the collection of historical data and the gathering of new data in real time, with the aim of evaluating past events and estimating what will happen.

Data Driven

Transforming the way companies make decisions poses a challenge that goes far beyond integrating technology. Through the Data Driven Organization service, we help our clients in the design of the key elements that enable an organization to make data-based decisions.


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