Forbes Talk Decision Makers by Tandem

As part of the celebration of Tandem’s 15th anniversary, on November 30, Forbes Argentina and Tandem Soluciones de Decisión organized the Forbes Talk Decision Makers by Tandem, an event in which CEOs, company directors, consultants and specialists met to reflect on the challenges of decision-making in companies.

One to one: Daniel Kahneman

Among our special guests was Daniel Kahneman, emeritus professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University. Well known for his work alongside Amos Tversky, in 2002 he won the Nobel Prize in Economics, and his book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow” has sold over 7 million copies since its publication in 2010.

One to one: Cass R. Sunstein

Another distinguished presence was Cass R. Sunstein, a professor at Harvard University, who is also the founder and director of the Economic Behavior and Public Policy Program at the law school of said institution. In 2018, he was recognized with the Holberg Prize awarded by the Norwegian government.

Organizations panel: Decisive Organizations

In addition, Forbes Talk Decision Makers by Tandem had three panels for discussion and questions with speakers. The first of these spaces was, “Decisive Organizations”, focused on the structural, cultural and political barriers that threaten effective decision-making. This panel had the participation of Pablo Sibilla, President and CEO of Renault Argentina; Verónica Marcelo, CEO of Natura Argentina, and Fabián Kon, CEO of Banco Galicia.

The Future of Decision-Making

The second panel focused on, "The Future of Decision-Making”, and its goal was to think about those companies that keep applying 20th century decision making methodologies to decide. “How will decision-making be in the near future?”“Can decisions be automated or digitized?” and, “what will the role and human intervention be in decision-making?”, were some of the questions guiding this panel. Participating in this space were Karen Bruck, regional Vice president of Mercado Libre Marketplace, Roberto Alexander, President and CEO of IBM Argentina and Víctor Valle, CEO of Google Argentina.

Deep-Dive: Making better decisions. How does it work?

Finally, there was a segment called, “Deep-Dive: Making better decisions. How does it work?” where we delved into the issues alongside Ernesto Weissmann, Gastón Francese and Federico Esseiva, the three of them partners at Tandem Soluciones de Decisión.