Decision-making competencies for high potentials

A leading consumer products company, with export operations over 35 countries worldwide, was seeking to train high-potential leaders to help them be better prepared for their future roles as company managers.


The aim was to strengthen their decision-making skills and analysis competencies in a practical and empirical way. The company’s goal was to provide these leaders with useful and simple tools to help them cope with business situations that had a greater level of complexity than their everyday work responsibilities.


To attain this goal, we developed a program in which those leaders had to analyze a real business project with a high impact on the company’s goals. Then, they had to present the managers with a recommended course of action. The work was divided in stages: first, they had to develop projects that were tailored to the company’s goals. We carried out an on-site workshop aimed at prioritizing and selecting the projects, including a review of the key points, such as each project’s internal and contextual variables. Second, we conducted an on-line seminar on project structuring and presentation. Finally, we worked on project planning and implementation, and on contingency management.

Business impact

The Project gave the company’s high potentials the necessary tools to develop their analysis skills to better assess the market and the business uncertainties, focusing on the study of the main internal and external variables. In addition, they engaged in actual application projects, which resulted in tangibles benefits for the company.