Enhancing Marketing efficiency

The local subsidiary of a world-leading manufacturer of home care consumer products was undergoing a regionalization process.


The strong company’s growth resulted in an increase of the tasks performed by the local team, with optimistic future growth prospects.


The Decision Organizational Effectiveness® Methodology guided the team through an exhaustive assessment, which helped identify the main opportunities for improvement and the value sources. Focusing on the key points, a mixed team of consultants and client representatives redesigned those decisions and processes that had a higher impact on the area’s efficiency.

Business Impact

Immediate benefits were reported as a result of focusing the work on critical decisions, key meetings and on the main activities of the area. The benefits included better defined tasks and decisions aimed at gaining focus, allotting the right amount of time to carry them out in an optimal manner. In addition, the company experienced an increase in the empowerment level, a decrease of centralized decisions and a better definition of the decision roles, which in turn resulted in the optimization of the area resources. Now, in the Marketing area, employees know in which decisions to get involved and which meetings to attend, being able to better cope with the growing demands of their activities.