Government Committee System

The client was a world leading consumer product company, with 146,000 employees in over 200 countries. The client’s executive and operating committees had difficulties fulfilling the purpose for which they had been created, because they lacked the right mechanisms for decision-making. They were also unable to efficiently comply with the guidelines to reach their goals. Those committees were made up of directors from the company and from its main suppliers.


Our goal was to correctly articulate the functioning and objectives of the operating and executive committees, in order to correct performance deficiencies.


We redesigned the committees in order to strengthen their Governance and Decision-Making methodologies, introducing better practices to encompass each committee’s specific aspects, as well as those aspects shared by the whole system.

Business impact

The company’s committees were able to take quality decisions in a shorter period of time, acquiring group decision-making skills, and tools suited to the required complexity level. In addition, the roles of the employees were redefined, which resulted in clearer responsibilities, better work climate and an improvement in the clarity of key decisions.