Learning and

Continuous learning to update and strengthen skills is a fundamental feature for people and organizations. At Tandem we offer tailored interventions to improve the performance of people and teams by developing business skills. We achieve this through different synchronous and asynchronous formats aimed at meeting the needs of each particular team.


We work together with our clients and help them develop key business competencies and attitudes that every leader should have along their professional career. In order to achieve this, we design a customized program allowing to fulfil training goals for each company, profile and individual. We particularly focus on participants to be able to apply to their roles the skills, tools and behaviors addressed during this program.


We design meetings with strong practical focus and tools to help each participant deal with their daily challenges. Using real cases and playful dynamic techniques we work around key concepts of each area and approach real situations provided by the participants to put tools and methodologies into practice.

High Impact

We sometimes seek to convey an idea to large groups, or make a certain subject part of the daily agenda, or share thoughts about present and challenging topics. Tandem helps clients to design short and high-impact meetings that generate value for the participants and for the organization.

Learning Trails

We develop virtual contents in a wide variety of resources, available just in time to manage in a self-paced way, achieving greater autonomy to drive individual Development.

High Performance

Today, as organizations become more diverse and complex, it is crucial to identify the critical factors with highest impact in team effectiveness. We work with teams combining the development of analytical, social and emotional skills to strengthen them and boost performance.

Examples of skills we develop

  • Quality Decision Making
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Agility to decide
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Accountability & Empowerment to decide
  • Effective Decision Delegation


In partnership with WOBI Solutions we select and curate global speakers’ contents from a library with more than 7,000 constantly updated pieces.

In partnership with Ingouville, Nelson & Asoc. we incorporate interpersonal skills such as leadership, negotiation and communication into our business-focused programs.

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