New management model

New management model   The client was a local manufacturer of industrial equipment; it was part of a global company with presence in over 100 countries. The parent company had been acquired a few months before and the new owners were introducing changes in the structure and in the management model.


As a result of structural and management changes, the local managers were losing focus of their roles and responsibilities as to the key corporate decisions. Also, their committee decisions were taking longer than expected and there was poor commitment for the execution phase. The aim was to gain clarity and autonomy for critical decisions, thereby improving response times and commitment to cope with the challenges of the context.


We selected a joint work team of Tandem consultants and client members. As a starting point, we conducted an assessment to correctly identify the obstacles of the decision-making process. The project focused on identifying the key decisions taken at a local level and defining managers’ roles and responsibilities as to those decisions, as well as the mechanisms to reach agreements. This approach was aimed at improving the adaptation to the new organizational context.

Business impact

The Project enabled the top managers to have a clear vision of their roles and responsibilities in the company’s key decisions and in the new organizational framework, which in turn gave them more confidence and dynamism for their job. In addition, the delegation mechanisms were improved by emphasizing the importance of doing a close follow-up of the agreement, releasing time for the directors to work on the strategic guidelines of the company.