Optimization of decision-making competencies

A leading bank, with over 350 contact points including bank branches and electronic banking centers in Argentina, was seeking to develop decision-making competencies for their managers and branch officers, with the aim of improving the quality of the credit portfolios available to the company’s customers.


The challenge was to create workshops to help participants develop the main technical, social and attitudinal skills to be able to make decisions in high-uncertainty contexts.


We worked with a 3-scope approach: in the technical aspect, we introduced tools and basic concepts to improve confidence; in the attitudinal aspect, we worked with the most common emotions that impact on people and sometimes guide their decisions; in the social aspect, we helped them develop communication and active listening skills with the aim of fostering a consensual decision-making process. This project was carried out with the help of the bank’s credit management, to achieve a synergy between the development of the decision-making generic aspects and important technical considerations at the time of analyzing a credit decision.

Business impact

This approach contributed to clarify the elements of decision-making and their importance at the time of conducting the analysis. We worked on the development of alternatives and contingency plans, which resulted in a significant improvement in the area’s performance and the effectiveness of their decision-making processes.