We frequently observe in companies that key decisions are delayed because the organization is not aligned towards the business results it seeks to achieve. For a strategy to impact effectively on results, it is necessary to rely on an organization and a management model built to execute it. Through this practice, we design the appropriate structure, roles and routines that lead to the achievement of the defined strategy.


We work on the redesign of an area or organization based on a comprehensive understanding of the strategic business priorities and key decisions. This ensures that essential capabilities are in place and that individuals can contribute to the achievement of strategic goals from their roles within the organization.


We develop the management models so that key decisions are made in the right forums, at the optimum time and by the appropriate people. We lay out an organized decision system, which guarantees effective interactions between committees or decision teams and ensures efficient communication processes.

Roles and

The larger the size and complexity of an organization, the greater usually is the overlap of roles for a given decision or, on the contrary, there will be decisions that no one makes. Starting from the identification of key decisions, we design role maps that allow us to clearly define who decides what, and which the responsibilities are for each person involved.

and Routines

We hear increasingly often that executives and employees complain about the time spent in meetings. Schedules full of meetings without a clear goal, communications that could be replaced by an email and extended discussions in which no decision is made, are some of the most typical pains. With this solution, we help design effective meetings and routines that focus on relevant business decisions.


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Success Cases

Structure redesign
June 6, 2016

Together with the client, we designed a plan to optimize the company’s marketing structure.

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Government Committee System
June 6, 2016

Our goal was to correctly articulate the functioning and objectives of the operating and executive committees, in order to correct performance deficiencies.    

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Agile decision-making processes
April 6, 2016

The project involved carrying out a consulting intervention to review the use of the appropriate tools for each decision.

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