Our Culture

We embrace five main pillars which represent our culture

At Tandem, we are passionate about what we do, and are constantly looking for opportunities for improvement . We combine a continuous pursuit of excellence with a collaborative, curious and flexible corporate culture where learning is an everyday practice.


We identify ourselves on what we do

We are passionate about what we do. And we strongly believe in establishing a connection with the meaning of the work we do, and why we do it. With that aim in mind, we pride ourselves in constantly meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our passionate commitment creates a work environment full of energy and enthusiasm, where we are always looking for new ways of improvement.


We try to achieve extraordinary results

We strive to provide our clients with optimal solutions.  To that end, we conduct business with the pursuit of excellence as our core value. We embrace challenging goals as the key drivers for adding value to all our endeavours. Always aiminig for the top, we find inspiration in each other, consistently boosting high performance.


We put teams before individuals

Teamwork is of utmost importance in delivering positive results for Tandem, for our clients and for each and everyone one of us. We incorporate different perspectives that contribute to achieving the desired goal, and encourage mutual cooperation, actively listening and caring for each other. We strive to find the greatest ideas no matter where they come from, openly and proactively sharing information.


We are resilient to adapt to the environment

We believe in working closely and emphatically alongside our clients as a key element for delivering customized solutions that generate added value. We focus on achieving goals, relying upon methodologies as a means for producing results and subjected to them. We are dynamic, quickly adapt to changes and embrace flexibility as the key for having a healthy work-life balance.


We want to learn a bit more every day

Continuous learning is something we really enjoy, and it also allows us to respond to the different challenges we face alongside our clients. We encourage enthusiasm, open-mindedness and initiative to learn and try new things. Our intelectual curiosity makes us go beyond our field of expertise and take on the challenge of incorporating new perspectives.


"I believe Decision Making is essential in life, not only professionally, but also personally; life is defined by the decisions we make day by day. My desire to understand and learn this discipline and help organizations improve the way they make decisions brought me to Tandem. Our way of working is challenging and very dynamic, while maintaining a collaborative, flexible and welcoming culture. Tandem has helped me incorporate new skills and knowledge, as well as the tools and trust needed to put both into practice in a wide variety of industries and projects, including my personal life."

Anne Cortina Zapfe