Training of decision-making leaders

The Argentine branch of a leading bank was seeking to improve its decision-making capabilities at different organizational levels (Managers and Leaders) and to build in-house capabilities to allow for an ongoing improvement of the process. Thus, it was very important to review the quality of their decisions, as well as their impact on the company’s results, without overlooking at other competencies such as: effective collaboration, risk analysis and uncertainty analysis.


Our challenge was to create a training program to allow managers and leaders to develop decision-making skills with the aim of enhancing performance and improving the company´s results.


Tandem designed an integral program with different training activities suited to the profile of each employee. This approach provided for a common methodology and decision language for the bank’s most frequent decisions.

Business impact

The company acquired outstanding competencies in the decision-making discipline, which in turn resulted in an enhanced effectiveness of the company’s projects: reducing execution times, gaining confidence in the analysis of their business opportunities and improving the ability to reach agreements for the company’s continued improvement.