We have vast experience in helping our clients make more and better decisions. We customize our services to diverse situations by helping each client in the way that better suits their needs. When a company is facing a critical situation, we help them to structure decisions with clarity and confidence, making teams achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

When the company’s efficiency depends on the decisions made at different organizational levels, we help improve their capacity to make and carry out the right choices. Tandem provides solutions aimed at achieving the effectiveness of the entire organization or the critical areas, in order to make prompt, trustworthy and high quality decisions. Our aim is to ensure an agile and committed organization.

Strengthening of the decision-making capability
May 21, 2015
Our client was seeking to improve its decision-making capability by fostering the use of analysis tools and methodologies. Continue Reading...
Optimization of decision-making competencies
May 21, 2015
The challenge was to create workshops to help participants develop the main technical, social and attitudinal skills to be able to make decisions in high-uncertainty contexts. Continue Reading...
Training of decision-making leaders
May 21, 2015
Our challenge was to create a training program to allow managers and leaders to develop decision-making skills with the aim of enhancing performance and improving the company´s results. Continue Reading...
Government Committee System
May 21, 2015
Our goal was to correctly articulate the functioning and objectives of the operating and executive committees, in order to correct performance deficiencies.     Continue Reading...
Exploration and production strategic planning
May 21, 2015
The company had to design a strong strategic plan aligned with the long term growth objectives, while caring for the immediate short term needs.       Continue Reading...
Decision Architecture
May 21, 2015
Because of the complexity of the company´s operation , the solution had to take into account the guidelines and proceedings already established.   Continue Reading...