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Boosting Decision Intelligence, driving optimization. 

Boosting Decision Intelligence, driving optimization. 

We believe in boosting business growth through decision intelligence.

Companies today must make more decisions. We know that by optimizing them, we are optimizing their results.

We have learned there is a huge amount of data that serves no purpose for decision-making, and many decisions that are not data-based. That is why at Tandem, we begin by understanding and prioritizing the most impactful decisions, so we can consequently find the right information that will enhance them.

It is about turning big data into great data. And great data into the best decisions possible. This is much more efficient. Not all decisions can be automated, nor do they all require the art of the human being.

We believe that with the right approach for each type of decision, our clients can improve outcomes, reduce costs, and shorten times to improve the value of their business.

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Here are some of our success stories.

An FMCG company invited us to think together how to optimize their decisions, using the great information and reports they had available, but that were rarely analyzed. We worked together to optimize their business decisions through the development of a Real-Time Decision Data that only contained the information necessary to better understand the key variables.
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Decisions in companies are made by many people, they follow very different methods and dissimilar results are obtained. Sometimes, there are even decisions that are never questioned since, “they have always been made that way”. This is why we often help companies “put science” into decisions and leverage data and technology to ensure that each one is made in the best possible cost/benefit manner. In an FMCG company, we optimized top-line decisions (price, discounts, promotions) by ensuring an optimal and homogeneous approach among all the people who make similar decisions in different product categories/channels/geographies, with surprising results.
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