Productivity Decisions


Boosting operational decisions, generating productivity.

Boosting operational decisions, generating productivity.

We believe that operational excellence is the result and consequence of micro, meso and macro decisions.

Efficiency, productivity, resource allocation and operational excellence require coordinated key decisions, which will allow the generation of greater profitability, cost effectiveness and will ensure that resources are allocated to provide their maximum potential.

Our approach focuses on the operational decisions that matter most combining information, analysis, and systemic methodologies to execute better and achieve extraordinary results.

We believe that operational excellence is not only possible, but necessary for long-term sustainability of organizations.

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Here are some of our success stories.

An FMCG company in Asia called us in to improve its operational agility in a context in which it sought to accelerate growth and increase its operating result in the following 5 years. Up to that moment, they had been operating with very slow, bureaucratic processes, as well as with many instances of control, which slowed down growth. We worked together to identify which areas and processes had the greatest impact on the agility of the operation and which had the greatest opportunity, and to decide together which ones to optimize.
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We worked together with a leading FMCG company in its operations in Mexico and the Caribbean to design a new operating model with distributors that would allow for the integration of digital platforms. The challenge was for this new model to remain profitable for all parties in the value chain and, at the same time, improve the level of customer service. Through the construction of an economic model, we were able to identify key decisions to be made, and how each of these decisions affected the different parties in order to choose the alternatives that ensured equitable benefits.
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