Boosting High-impact decisions, leveraging outcomes. 

Boosting High-impact decisions, leveraging outcomes. 

We believe that decisions define the present and design the future of people and organizations.

Our disruptive evaluation and decision management methodologies enable our clients to improve how the important decisions are made.

We help organizations understand the different conflicting objectives, analyze all possible future scenarios, and generate the best alternatives to maximize return on investment of their decisions.

We take advantage of uncertainty, and plan proactively to capture the best possible results.

With High-Impact Decisions, time, resources, and actions are aligned for success.

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Here are some of our success stories.

The Exploration and Production area of a leading oil and gas company allowed us to challenge the decisions associated with the development strategy of one of its assets with greatest potential and highest profitability in the medium and long term. Together with a multidisciplinary team from the client, and based on Tandem’s proprietary methodologies, it was possible to identify, evaluate and quantify the value of new alternatives in different aspects of the project. The impact associated with the strengthening of key decisions was an increase of +10% in the expected NPV of the project as a whole.
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A private oil and gas company in Latin America invited us to analyze and rethink its strategic exploration and production plan in order to identify development alternatives that would accelerate its growth. Through working together with the client’s leadership team and with expert technical professionals, we were able to develop a strategy with a higher expected value in the incorporation of reserves and production levels. To achieve this result, the analysis of uncertainties without biases, as well as solid and reliable information in the characterization and evaluation of portfolio alternatives was essential.
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Faced with a scenario of restrictions on technology imports in Argentina, a leading global company in the manufacturing and sale of computers asked us for help to make a series of decisions in a short time with its executive team in the US corporate. By working together, we were able to design a contingency strategy that enabled the reduction of risk and structuring of a plan that would potentially capture new opportunities going forward. In order to achieve this, the probabilistic modeling of all the scenarios the different actors were perceiving in a dynamic model was essential, which allowed them…
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