Growth Decisions


Boosting top-line decisions, rocketing growth.

Boosting top-line decisions, rocketing growth.

We believe that sustained growth fuels the business and focuses decision-making on what matters most.

Companies know that the value at stake in growth decisions requires informed, precise, and comprehensive decisions considering uncertainty without losing the agility and time-to-market.

We help build a unique approach to market and portfolio decisions ensuring the right equilibrium between rigorous analysis and fast speed for the business in the day-to-day operation.

We believe that by making sharp and bold decisions, companies can leverage sustained growth while shaping transformational outcomes.

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Here are some of our success stories.

An FMCG company set a very challenging 5-year growth ambition and invited us to co-design a strategy to meet that challenge. The client’s team had identified that the planning approach they had used in previous years led to plans quickly becoming obsolete and implementation to fail. Because of this, we worked with a decision-based methodology so as to be able to evaluate and define the priorities to focus on and analyze the main uncertainty variables to develop contingency plans. As a result, we obtained a clear and aligned map to guide the organization towards the defined strategic priorities.
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We helped a multinational food company decide its strategic execution in the traditional channel, based on different alternatives, with different levels of investment and expected return. On the basis of a clear definition of the role that the channel was expected to have, the application of decision methodologies enabled us to explore divergent alternatives, analyze them with a data-based approach and finally choose a path with a higher return than the alternatives that were considered at the beginning.
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