We help organizations make more and better decisions

We are the strategic consulting firm leader in Decision Management.

We specialize in providing advice on complex decisions and help big companies make more and better decisions efficiently.

Our challenge is to help people to maximize the resources they have, as well as the opportunities they detect. We provide advice on complex decisions as well as organizational consulting to improve effectiveness. Of course, we also train executives and teams who want to improve their skills.

Let’s celebrate the future 15 YEAR MANIFESTO

Tandem is celebrating 15 years of helping organizations to make more and better decisions.
We act at the heart of companies' businesses and drive major changes.

We have built a first-class team of consultants, a group of clients from leading global companies, we have expanded to different geographies, created innovative methodologies that adapt to each organization and a very powerful network of allies and partners.

The world has changed drastically: scenarios are more uncertain, the paths to choose from are increasingly varied and greater speed of action is required. One of the consequences is that the art and science of decision-making has become much more relevant. We see this every day with our clients and it causes us an adrenaline rush because we play a key role in the future of many enterprises in the world.

We want to thank you for your trust and the learning path, by dedicating time to celebrate these 15 years. We invite you to build together a vision of what is to come because we know that the quality of our decisions defines our present and our future.

Tandem in numbers

We have more than 15 years of experience helping companies make more and better decisions






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Success cases

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May 21, 2015
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