Agile decision-making processes

The client, a company among the 10 largest in consumer products worldwide, was seeking to simplify the decision-making process and give more empowerment to its employees in order to shorten execution times. In this context, it was necessary to review and strengthen the management of the areas, with the aim of making decisions more agile and focusing on business results.


The project involved carrying out a consulting intervention to review and assess the use of the appropriate tools for each decision, and to leverage the cultural aspects, with the aim of unlocking barriers towards effective decision-making.


The work focused on the essential decisions of the brand development area, both internal decisions and those related to other areas of the company. In addition, we conducted an evaluation of the macro processes in order to select, amongst the most relevant, the essential work decisions. On the basis of that evaluation, we conducted follow-up sessions in line with the value chain, in parallel with the rest of the areas.

Business impact

The client was able to clarify the decision mechanisms, improve the company’s positions by the implementation of hierarchies in the decision-making roles, and earn greater empowerment, freeing up time for the whole decision chain through the identification of delegable decisions.

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