Organizational structure redesign

We boosted the results of a global bank by helping them decide on the optimal design of the structure that, aligned with the digitalization strategy the company is carrying out, would allow optimizing the allocation of resources and generating synergies between key functions. 


The financial services industry has been going through a period of change strongly driven by digitization and the appearance of new players in the market. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, all channels were forced to adapt quickly and seek different ways of organizing and operating. 

At a global level, our client began a transformation, both at a structural level and at a business level, to adapt to new digital formats and customer bonding trends.  

Specifically in the region in which we worked, the challenge was to make decisions to redesign the structure of physical channels and align the role of the client’s branches to the new comprehensive customer experience. 

This challenge implied identifying new necessary capacities, reallocating resources and rethinking the way of operating in an organization that was coming from a very vertical work culture, with a focus on control and compliance to ensure high standards of execution. 


Through a deep understanding of the bank’s method of operating and culture, it was possible to detect the key decisions to be made and ensure alignment between the new structure and the strategy designed for the future. 

Work was carried out with great openness in both qualitative and quantitative understanding, in order to learn from the new dynamics generated by the pandemic in different regions and these lessons were taken to change installed paradigms regarding the “correct way of operating”. 

From the insights generated, it was possible to design and test changes in who should make what business decisions (branch, area, region), with what information (and where that intelligence was generated more efficiently) and how that impacted the way they should be organized. 

The new operating and organizational model was designed together with the client to leverage the strategic challenges, achieving immediate results in both costs and quality of operation.

The potential impact on the business of this organization is significant by ensuring that the growth leavers are enabled, and they are also accelerated


The new organization associated with the new way of operating made it possible to grant greater empowerment to the network of physical channels and so streamline decision-making and enhance the capture of new customers with better segmented information, based on the real needs of the business. 

Through lowering decision-making power and generating structures with more independence, in addition to achieving better results, it was possible to reduce the time of many processes, giving agility to the operation and generating significant economic efficiency. 

Finally, it was possible to comprehensively improve the customer experience through better integration between physical channels and other points of contact. 

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