Decision Architecture

The main asset of one of the 10 largest oil & gas production companies in the world was seeking to review and strengthen its management structure, with the aim of expediting the decision-making process, by focusing on business results.


Because of the complexity of the company´s operation , the solution had to take into account the guidelines and proceedings already established.


The work on Arquitectura de Decisión® (Decision Architecture) helped the team identify the decisions that create more value to the business and understand the way in which those decisions were being taken. This approach also allowed the team to review, design and clarify the roles and decision-making responsibilities of those involved in key decisions.

Business impact

The use of this methodology helped define ambiguities as to who should be in charge of each key decision. The company was also able to decentralize and delegate operational decisions, thereby reducing conflicts and achieving focus for the execution. Now the business has a faster response time because its main decisions flow hassle-free.