Exploration and production strategic planning

A multinational E&P company wanted to develop a long-term plan using decision-making methodologies.


The company had to design a strong strategic plan aligned with the long term growth objectives, while caring for the immediate short term needs.


To achieve this goal, we applied a structured process of Strategic Planning together with a probabilistic modelling of the business variables. This allowed the company to correctly assess the value of each strategy and the potential risk-impact in the long-term results. The collaborative planning methodology also enabled the company to reach an alignment among organizational areas and to unify criteria for delivering results.

Business impact

The probabilistic planning set the basis for detecting value-building areas as well as uncertainties that could risk the targeted results. With this information as a starting point, we were able to develop a maximizing strategy to mitigate risks through a balanced pace of reserve development, seizing the maximum growth potential through an aggressive exploration plan. Since then, the company has tripled its market value and was acquired by an IOC.

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