Strategic decisions for exponential growth

We helped a consumer goods company design a strategic plan to expand their business and be #1 in the sector.

Growth decisions:

Between the different planning cycles, effectively defining the decisions at 5 years is key to business growth. This is a complex challenge that requires combining long-term planning with a timeline of specific initiatives from the first year.

The problem to solve:

The client had the ambition to become #1 in their sector and called us to help them make strategic decisions and design plans to achieve that long-term goal; given that in the past, they had tried different projects that had not worked out as expected.

What we did:

  • Revenue streams: we designed a strategic plan focused on 7 sources of income (revenue streams) and with challenging five-year goals.
  • Work teams: we put together work teams by revenue stream, with members of the client's company and Tandem.
  • Initiatives: each team generated initiatives to develop each revenue stream with clear actions and well-defined times and responsibilities.
  • Economic evaluation: we estimated the contribution that each of these initiatives could make in different scenarios.
  • Synergies: each team developed a detailed business case and presented it to the rest to obtain an integrated view, generate synergies and thus achieve truly exponential growth.

What was the impact:

  • We helped design plans with a diverse portfolio of initiatives.
  • These plans made it possible to quintuple the volume of business over 5 years.

Additionally, the work format between Tandem and client teams allowed to:

  • Achieve greater commitment and ownership of the plan.
  • Develop skills in teams for the development of strategic plans.